by Mills & Reeve

Defamation and reputation management issues for footballers

What happens when a footballer or another high-profile individual has false stories published about them in the press?

As part of our ongoing project following the career of promising young Brazilian striker, Reevaldo, we've attempted to answer this question in a two-part series, revolving around a breaking news story which inaccurately portrays Reevaldo to be out drinking and partying just hours before Paddington's biggest match of the season. 

Below, you can find links to both parts of our series.


Part 1 - the story breaks

The Moon publishes a story and photos which allegedly show Reevaldo out clubbing the night before a big match.

We chronicle the fallout for Paddington and Reevaldo both on and off the field.


Part 2 - steps to take in response

The story is out there, and Reevaldo finds himself publicly lambasted by his manager. However, what happens when the story turns out to be untrue?

What steps can footballers take when incorrect stories are published about them? How can they protect their image and reputation, and how can they ensure that the publisher takes steps to rectify the situation?