by Mills & Reeve

Immigration issues

for footballers and their families

What are the key issues foreign footballers and their families need to know when moving to the UK?

As part of our ongoing project following the career of promising young Brazilian striker, Reevaldo, we've attempted to answer this question in a two-part series, including a case study focusing on Reevaldo's long-time girlfriend, Carolina, as she attempts to navigate the immigration process to join Reevaldo in London.

By using a straightforward Q&A style, relying on our extensive experience assisting foreign footballers and their families navigate this process, and sharing Carolina's case study, we cover many of the immigration issues foreign footballers and their families are likely to face in an engaging an accessible way.

Below, you can find links to both parts of our series.

We're just getting started, so stay tuned for much more content sharing insight into key areas of the football industry.


Part 1

In light of the ongoing developments relating to the Brexit process, we analyse the potential impact of these developments on foreign footballers and their families.


Part 2

Carolina, Reevaldo's long-time girlfriend, explores the visa and immigration options as she attempts to join Reevaldo in London.