Tiran Gunawardena

Reevaldo signs for Kings Cross United FC

Tiran Gunawardena
Reevaldo signs for Kings Cross United FC

BREAKING NEWS: Kings Cross United FC signs free agent Reevaldo

Kings Cross, London, England – The nineteen-year-old Brazilian prodigy Reevaldo has signed with Kings Cross United FC. Reevaldo has been a free agent since he mutually terminated his contract with former club, Paddington United, and numerous clubs in the English top division had been chasing his signature.  

Reevaldo has signed a five-year deal and will reportedly earn a basic wage of £60,000 per week. The player and club also agreed to a separate image rights deal with the player given Reevaldo’s popularity and high profile.   

The club have already applied for, and obtained a work permit for Reevaldo and the player and club completed the transfer today.


The player clearly looked delighted to be signing for an established top division club, and is keen to get back to showing his worth on the field. When asked what made him decide to sign with Kings Cross United FC, Reevaldo said: “I wanted to join a club that can compete for the title, but also one that suits my playing style, with a manager that would make me a better player. I was fortunate to have quite a few clubs interested in me, but I felt Kings Cross United FC was the right choice for me.”

The allure of playing for Nikolas Cusario, the veteran manager of Kings Cross United FC and fellow Brazilian, was undoubtedly a key factor for the young striker. “Yes, I wanted to play for a manager that believes in me. Cusario and I spoke for a long time before I signed, and he explained his philosophy, what he expected of me and how he thought I could help the team. Being Brazilian, we share the same vision of how we want to play football - joga bonito – so I’m excited to play for him.”  

A good relationship with his manager was likely high on Reevaldo’s list of priorities given how his experience with Paddington United ended.

Reevaldo signed for his former club, Paddington United, as a highly rated eighteen-year-old and quickly became a fan favourite as he went on to score 9 goals and added 6 assists in his first 16 appearances for the club.

However, things quickly turned sour for the young Brazilian as a story in The Moon newspaper falsely alleged that Reevaldo was out partying till late in the night, hours before the club’s derby against Bayswater FC.


Paddington United’s manager, Leo Nadal, publically criticised Reevaldo after the club lost the derby 4-0, and the player was fined and suspended.The story in The Moon was ultimately proven to be untrue, however the damage was done and Nadal’s relationship with his star young striker never recovered. Reevaldo and Paddington United eventually agreed to mutually part ways and Reevaldo became a free agent.

Reevaldo returned home to his native Brazil, and trained with his old club Maracanã as well as the Brazilian national youth teams, all the while waiting to sign for a new club. The experience of not playing competitive club football for months was frustrating for Reevaldo. Sources close to the player revealed that Reevaldo’s unceremonious exit from Paddington United, the false allegations raised against him by The Moon and the subsequent social media abuse from disgruntled Paddington United fans greatly affected the young Brazilian. Such is the reality for young professional footballers in England.

A few months away from professional football and from  the spotlight was much needed. However, once he decided to return, there was no shortage of suitors. Reevaldo’s agent, Jaco Moreno, spoke to numerous clubs who were interested, but Reevaldo ultimately chose to sign with Kings Cross United FC. The allure of playing for Cusario (who has been a mentor to numerous Brazilian players in the past) was enough to convince Reevaldo to give English football another chance.    

Cusario shared Reevaldo’s excitement, stating: “I’m delighted to welcome Reevaldo to the club. As soon as I heard Reevaldo was available, I knew I wanted to add him to this team. I have been patiently waiting for the deal to be completed. Reevaldo has been keeping himself fit so I fully expect him to hit the ground running this season.

After a few months out of the limelight, Reevaldo’s career looks to be right back on track. The young striker is tipped by many to be a part of the club’s starting line-up sooner rather than later, especially if he returns to the form he showed for Paddington United. His contributions will be essential for a club aiming to compete for numerous trophies this season.